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Benefits of Corporate Yoga in Southampton

As one of Southampton’s leading yoga teachers Laura works closely with local businesses to provide corporate yoga. With more and more businesses looking at ways to improve their employees' health and well being yoga is proving to be the number one solution as not only does is deliver results in the allocated hour long class but it also teaches employees valuable skills to utilise in the work place to improve their performance.

Could your business benefit from a corporate yoga class?

Do your employees ever:

  • Sit at a desk for long periods of time?
  • Feel lethargic and sluggish?
  • Experience back or neck pain?
  • Suffer from stress and headaches?
  • Have a tight fuse or get frustrated?
  • Work under pressure to meet deadlines or targets?
  • Take time off sick for stress or back pain?
  • Have to deliver presentations when feeling confident and controlling the nerves counts?

If you’re answering yes to these questions, then a corporate yoga class will definitely improve your employees’ health, well being and effectiveness.

Laura’s Corporate Yoga

Laura Fisher Yoga currently teaches Corporate Yoga Classes for the BBC, Clarke Willmott and Eaton Aerospace. Laura Fisher Yoga also provides Yoga for Professionals Courses and Half or Full Day Workshops which are ideal for team building, stress management and company away days.


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